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high quality irish dresses

Hdresses200ow much will I pay for my dress?

Dress prices start at £700Stg, £200Stg deposit. Price may increase depending on fabric, size and also the design.

For customers who are comming back is price same as last time.

What accessories will I receive with my dress?

You will receive a shawl, kick-pants and a hairband.

How do I pay for my dress?

We accept PayPal, Bank transfer . The balance of all dresses must be paid prior to collection or dispatch.

How much does delivery cost and how long will it take?

UK and Ireland, 24 to 48 hrs £30.00 Stg
USA and Canada, 4 to 6 working days £60.00 Stg
Australia and New Zealand, 10 working days £80.00 Stg

For receiving ordering form and how to measure please contact us via email.